A special gift for me, from all of you!

I know, I know, I missed 2 updates, last Friday and Monday both. But I know just what would help make it better: YOU doing something for ME! No, wait… I said that wrong. How about this: I give you all a very special (virtual) gift and all you have to do is do something (actual) for me! Sounds great right?

Here’s the deal. You click on this link and vote for my comic strip at this “Top Web Comics” site, and then you’ll get to see a super-special, top-secret, deleted DBMD-Man strip! When you click on this button, it takes you to Top Web Comics and then you have to click another simple quiz thing to prove you’re a human being and the secret comic will appear. Here it is, CLICK!:

But seriously… I really, really, really appreciate anyone checking out this comic. It is especially nice and heart-warming when people leave nice comments or best of all, spread the word! Lately I’d noticed the ranking number on this link creeping upwards and figured someone else besides me must be clicking on it! (In fact the “culprit” fessed up in the comments recently)

The Top Web Comics site actually does send some visitors my way, so voting here improves DBMD-Man’s visibility and hence, helps to spread the word! If anyone who sees this could click and vote – that would be very cool. You can vote on any day, and in fact EVERY day (once a day) if you want to, and it always helps. The link is on the right side of the webpage under the ads.

Top Web Comics also lets you add an “incentive” so that’s the above-mentioned deleted comic. I think it’s not a good one, which is why I never posted it, but for the curious and the fans you may find it interesting. It would be strip #27.5 – just before DBMD-Man was left with the psychiatrist. I left my handwritten text and hand-drawn frames in place. The joke really came out lame – there was something there but it wasn’t working, then I ran out of time… whatever. You get to see it once you vote.

Thanks anyone and everyone!

I’m now writing about comic books for the Pray For Resurrection blog

Brian of the Deathbombarc record label and several cool noise-rock bands (like Foot Village and Gang Wizard) created this comic book review blog, and now he’s added me and a few other underground music type peeps to the writing roster.


So it’s become some kind of music-kids-write-about-comics blog, and I just wrote something there on the comic book INVINCIBLE, and the recent (shocking?) events therein. Check it out.

Ads: How much do you hate them?

I’ve added a few more ads to the website here, partly as an experiment. Here’s your chance to speak up. Please add your comments to this post. Let’s discuss. How much do you hate ads?

Personally, I don’t really hate the kind that just sit there very much at all. If the ad doesn’t pop up over the top of what I’m looking at or start making noise, I don’t really care. I almost don’t notice. Besides, if the content is free, why should I care? You may observe that I do, however, try to keep the website title, navigation, and comic top-left, so those are always the first things you see.

I figure if I were using a free web-hosting service I’d have to deal with ads, so I may as well put up some of my own and make a little money off of them. Right? But I’m not kidding when I say it’s a LITTLE money. Right now I’m making maybe a dime a day, on good days. Hey, it’s more than I’m earning from my savings account. Is it worth it?

I also decided to put some more ads up becausse I’ve been so happy with the Project Wonderful system. It attracts DIY-type advertisers and is big with webcomic artists, so most of the ads are for other webcomics. In fact, I would ENCOURAGE you to click on the Project Wonderful ads and check them out! They are paid for by the day, so the more clicks they get the happier they are. Most of them are other webcomics and if they advertised here, then maybe you’d like them.

On the other hand, I can NOT encourage you to click on the Google ads! that’s the banner at the very bottom and the text ads on the right. I mean, I don’t want to DIScourage you, but I am contractually obligated not to encourage you to click on them, because the advertisers pay per click. So don’t do it. Unless you already were going to. You know what? Just forget I mentioned it…

All the new ad boxes might make things a little too busy now… We’ll see. You tell me. How much do you hate them? There are even ads in my RSS feed. Do you hate them also?

director’s commentary 56-66 (or so)

First of all, new comic updates will resume this Monday, October 19th. Chapter 3 begins. That hole in your life will once again be plugged.

Before that happens, why don’t I share some more thoughts and comments on the end of Chapter 2?  (Read up through strip 66 or risk spoilers) I renumbered some of the strips to reflect that missing one, but all of the links should remain constant.

Strip 57 here is where things start to get a little “plotty.” I have mixed feelings about this, because I always had a bit of a balancing act going on between being a “gag” comic and a “story” comic. Sometimes I do something to advance the story, and feel like I’ve sacrificed the funny.  That strip doesn’t really have any punchline to speak of, but hopefully the events at the beginning are a little humorous. In fact, the thought of a new reader coming in and this being the first thing they read is pretty funny to me.

So the next strip, 58, is the one-and-only guest-drawn, guest-written one, as explained on that page of the website. I didn’t really plan on moving straight ahead to the showdown fight between DBMD-Man and Really Good-Man so quickly, but my guest comic artist, Devin T. Quin, left me no choice. Which explains why that showdown scene goes on for so long.

One of my complaints with other story- or adventure-based comic strips is the exremely slow pace they can move at. Sometimes you realize you’ve been reading for over a month and the main character still hasn’t made it to the bottom of that staircase, you know? I figure in a month, at least as much should have happened as in one issue of a monthly comic book. Actually, I think comic books today move too slowly also…

So I got stuck stretching the final events out a bit, complete with 2 epilogue-style strips. Thinking on it now, I realize there’s plenty more of the Dark Knight Returns I could have gotten around to parodying. I’m imagining that instead of the mutant punk gang, DBMD-Man could have gotten into a feud with a gang of juvenile skateboarders down the street or something. Maybe he’d have to have a grudge match in the sandbox with their 12-year-old leader to establish his dominance.

So, moving on, making fun of the handicapped… uh, yeah. You see, there’s this character who showed up in the Dark Knight Returns called Green Arrow. I guess his super-ability is that he can shoot green arrows, um… really good.  Hey, I didn’t make him up. But anyway, in that story he has lost one of his arms, so Devin introduced the Green Plunger here, who has apparently lost both of his arms, yet still keeps his plungers strapped on his back, much like a bow and quiver of arrows. Hey, I didn’t make him up either. So you see, this is just what I got to work with here.

There are some direct jokes about very specific scenes from the Dark Knight Return that make me laugh personally, and then… the DEATH of DBMD-Man! Yes, at the end of Chapter 1 he quits, at the end of Chapter 2 he dies, and you won’t get any spoilers out of me here. You’ll just have to wait and see how it all plays out!

Webcomics I recommend part 3: The Non-Adventures of WONDERELLA

I know, without any updates to DBMD-Man over the last couple of weeks, you just don’t know what to do with yourselves. Where will you get your funny superhero webcomics until DBMD-Man resumes??? (which will happen soon, really…) Never fear, I now present my next webcomic recommendation, and it is about a bazillion times funnier than this one: THE NON-ADVENTURES OF WONDERELLA by Justin Pierce.


Look, we all use the phrase “LOL” a little too much. Not me, I never use it, but you know those damn kids. But how often does something actually make you Laugh Out Loud? When was the last time a comic strip made you? This comic makes me Literally Laugh Out Loud (“LLOL”?) virtually every single time. Seriously. I have made the mistake of looking at this comic at work and had to hide behind my computer monitor stifling laughter for extended periods.

The premise: Wonderella is some kind of Wonder-Woman-like superhero who is the child of some kind of amorphous glowing Godhead entity and her mother, the WWII-era Wonderella. She lives in a world populated mainly by female heroes and villains, though she also runs into a wide range of real, fictional, and pop-culture figures. A “superhero” in name and costume only, she’s apathetic, entirely selfish, rude, crass, an alcoholic, and maybe a little racist too. Basically, one of those raging id characters that everyone loves, like Cartman from South Park.


Some of the best things about this comic: No on-going story at all. Every one-page episode can be read alone. There are references to what has come before, and it’s even funnier if you know the characters a bit, but you don’t have to. The voices. What? Voices in a comic strip? Yes, this comic showed me that I have been completely overlooking the potential for dialogue text to show expression. With the use of different fonts and simple tricks like italics, bold, and caps, you can really hear the dialogue in this comic and it makes it so much funnier.

But again, the Number One best thing about this comic is that it’s flat-out hysterical. It was basically impossible to pick a few of the best moments to highlight here, so I really just grabbed a few panels almost at random. As on eof the best examples though, I’d like to point you to this strip, “Bad to the CLONE,” wherein every single panel got a laugh out of me. This one is Futurama-level funny, where every line of dialogue has the power to crack you up.

Okay, hopefully I haven’t hyped it too much and you’ll still find Wonderella as great as I did. Maybe I should add some negative remarks. Well, it’s occasionally “offensive” I guess. A few rare jokes are obscure or nerdy enough that I didn’t get them.  But seriously, Wonderella: highest possible recommendation.