The story so far!



This comic is designed to be readable on a strip-by-strip basis. In theory you don’t have to know anything about what has come before and you can still get the joke and be up to speed on the “story” within 2 or 3 strips – but in case you still want to know, here’s anything important that’s happened up to now.


It may go without saying, but THIS CONTAINS SPOILERS!


Steve Smith is the superhero Dark, Brooding, Mentally Disturbed-Man. (DBMD-Man)


He got a job working as a lab assistant to a mad scientist named Dr. Knox, who created an “evil” opposite clone of him named Bright, Cheery, Mentally Sound-Man. (BCMS-Man) DBMD-Man also worked with another lab assistant named Cube.


After his sidekick, Gee-Whiz Boy, was killed in a freak accident, Cube became the second Gee-Whiz Boy. DBMD-Man had his “powers” taken away by a psychiatrist.  (His only power is being dark, brooding, and mentally disturbed.) He then quit the superhero business and BCMS-Man inherited his role and his sidekick, Gee-Whiz Boy (the 2nd, Cube).


Steve Smith had started dating Janice Silverman, a reporter, but that ended when he recovered his mental-disturbedness and returned to super-heroing. He gained a new sidekick, a girl also being called Gee-Whiz Boy (the 3rd), and embarked on a quest to regain his wrongful place as the city’s top superhero. In a confrontation on a TV talk show, DBMD-Man got BCMS-Man committed to a mental hospital and Cube (Gee-Whiz Boy the 2nd) was mortally (??) wounded by flying glass.


DBMD-Man’s actions attracted the attention of the U.S. government, which sent the very powerful superhero Really Good-Man to issue a warning to DBMD-Man to keep a lower profile. When he was unable to do this, a showdown ensued and DBMD-Man died. In his place, FOUR mysterious heroes appeared: Dark-Man, Brooding-Man, Mentally Disturbed-Man, and Man-Man. They turned out to be more of Dr. Knox’s clones, and DBMD-Man turned out to be alive after all (shocking, I know). So did Cube, who has formed a team called The Ex-Sidekicks and goes by the superhero name Night-Cube now.


DBMD-Man returned to his job (still working with Cube for Dr. Knox) and got back to business. Following some run-ins with the slightly unstable super-villainess Femme Fatale, he agreed to meet her for a dinner date, planning on apprehending her. In a confusing turn of events, he wound up dating her friend and roommate Joanne and spent a brief time in prison.


Now our hero must find a way to balance his boyfriend obligations with his crime-fighting career, while keeping the peace between Joanne and her roommate Femme Fatale (real name Laura).