About this comic

Welcome to the Adventures of Dark, Brooding, Mentally Disturbed-Man!


This comic was first published in The Daily Orange, Syracuse University’s student newspaper, while I was a student there. I did the comic for 5 semesters, and thus there are 5 “chapters.” I am republishing the entire run as a web comic, and I intend to have new comics appear on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, which is how they appeared in the Daily Orange.


I’m cleaning the strips up a little, giving them crisp borders and replacing the handwritten text with a font. I just think my own handwriting was a little too irregular and there are a few places where I really want to change the text. Not drastically, I just think I have a better sense of what’s funny now and some minor changes to the dialogue will help. Don’t worry, most of the un-funny parts will remain unchanged.


To be honest, I think the comics are a little weak at the beginning, and start to become very interesting toward the end as the characters develop some three dimensionality. Still, I’m pretty proud of the whole run as a piece of work.


The way this is designed, there is also a “news” feed, which you also get if you subscribe. I strongly encourage anyone who likes this comic to SUBSCRIBE, either with a reader or by email – this is an ongoing story and I think you’ll get more enjoyment from it by following along. I promise not to abuse the “news” feature and will only bother you with updates about additions to the site here or “director’s commentary” when I feel it would be enlightening or necessary to explain something.


If you really like this comic and can’t stand the thought of it coming to a conclusion, then what you have to do is spread the word and maybe by the end of the original run DBMD-Man will have such a following that I’ll be forced to pick up and create new strips! I’m pretty excited to see this play out. I hope that some of my fellow comic artists from that time and place choose to do the same thing I’m doing here.




-Michael Lockwood


PS – feel free to email me about the comic, mplockwood-at-gmail-d0t-com