a fun POLL: Where does DBMD-Man live?

Are you ready for the FUN? Here we go…


In this comic, it is never mentioned in which city DBMD-Man lives. In fact, I never gave it much thought, but lately I started wondering… I don’t want him to live in a fictional city like Gotham, so which real city is it? YOU GET TO VOTE! (but I make no guarantees that the most popular response will become canon)


I went back over the comic and found some CLUES. 1. The city is big enough to have a skyline. 2. DBMD-Man lives in a very suburban house, presumably outside the city center somewhere. 3. It snows in the winter. 4. There is a talk show that films in town. 5. In one instance, DBMD-Man got in his car and drove to Mount Rushmore. Now the only major cities that someone could drive to Mt. Rushmore from in one day would be Minneapolis or Denver, but let’s not rule out the possibility that DBMD-Man dropped everything and went on a lengthy road trip between strips. 6. In another instance, DBMD-Man found himself hanging from the Statue of Liberty. That does strongly suggest he lives in New York City, but again, this could have happened on an out-of-town trip.



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