DBMD-Man 001
April 13th, 2009

DBMD-Man 001

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Discussion (4)¬

  1. Scatterpulse says:

    The “brood signal” is hilarious. Both the image and the concept. I wonder who lights it…?

  2. MP Lockwood says:

    Scatterpulse, a good question! This strip was created before the character was fleshed out (at all) and I didn’t give it any thought at the time. Looking back, I also wondered who lit the brood signal. Then the obvious answer occurred to me. You might even be able to guess. DBMD-Man lights the signal himself! He probably claims it “intimidates the criminal element,” and vehemently denies that it is blatant self-promotion.

  3. Scatterpulse says:

    Hahaha, that’s brilliant! I assumed he lit it himself and tried to pretend other people were doing it to make himself seem more important.

  4. D.Durand says:

    Ho my, i love when i laugh already at the first comic’s page. You, sir, created a really sick superhero. Take that, Batman !



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