DBMD-Man to continue!!!

Yes, IT’S TRUE! It’s coming back after a very long hiatus. Dark, Brooding, Mentally Disturbed -Man will resume cyber-publishing THIS FRIDAY, Sept.2nd. The next strip will appear after the holiday, on Wed, Sept.7th and at that point will return to a Mon-Wed-Fri schedule.

Why the long absence, and why the return? As previously mentioned, this was a print comic which appeared in The Daily Orange, Syracuse University’s student newspaper. In a tragic turn of events, a large amount of the original art is lost forever. However, I was recently able to copy the remaining comics from their printed versions. That means the art from this point on will be distinctly smudgier and blobbier. But at least it will exist, right?

A few people have commented and sent messages asking what was up or hoping for this comic’s return. I sincerely appreciate this, and I’m glad that some people have found this and have enjoyed reading it. Really, THANKS! I truly believe that this comic hit its stride in the material that you have yet to see, so I hope you return (or stick around) to check it out!

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