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So the updates stopped… sorry. Here’s what’s up: Basically, a whole bunch of strips which I thought I had have gone missing. So, I’m just thinking about what to do with this site now. Re-draw the missing storylines? Leave things at this point? (at least a story arc came to a conclusion here) Just jump ahead and draw some brand new strips for you all? Start an entire new comic series with a fresh idea?


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  1. Scott says:

    Keep going! Your story arc completed which leaves you lots of room to continue the comic. My wife’s read it and loves it. I suggest re-doing the original idea you had… while it might seem like a lot of work, I find quite often it’s better the second time ’round.

    I’d hate to see such a good comic die.

  2. Mystify says:

    I’d prefer to see this re-done, but any option that involves updates is ok with me.

  3. Khelar says:

    How about using scans of the printed comics like on the previous page? Your original art looks much better in my opinion, but that would keep the site updated and alive while giving you some more time to draw new strips (if you decide to do so).

  4. shagbark says:

    You’re the only person who knows what’s in the missing storyline, so you’re the only person who can judge whether it’s worth redrawing. Does it take you more time to do story, or to draw?

  5. MP Lockwood says:

    As Khelar suggested, I’ve obtained scans of all the remaining printed comics so that things can resume here soon! The art may look a little blobbier, but at least the existing story will be published here. And then ..? Maybe things will continue with a brand new story, we’ll see…



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