DBMD-Man 117
April 2nd, 2012

DBMD-Man 117

Could an evil plot be afoot?

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DBMD-Man News and Info

a fun POLL: Where does DBMD-Man live?

Are you ready for the FUN? Here we go…


In this comic, it is never mentioned in which city DBMD-Man lives. In fact, I never gave it much thought, but lately I started wondering… I don’t want him to live in a fictional city like Gotham, so which real city is it? YOU GET TO VOTE! (but I make no guarantees that the most popular response will become canon)


I went back over the comic and found some CLUES. 1. The city is big enough to have a skyline. 2. DBMD-Man lives in a very suburban house, presumably outside the city center somewhere. 3. It snows in the winter. 4. There is a talk show that films in town. 5. In one instance, DBMD-Man got in his car and drove to Mount Rushmore. Now the only major cities that someone could drive to Mt. Rushmore from in one day would be Minneapolis or Denver, but let’s not rule out the possibility that DBMD-Man dropped everything and went on a lengthy road trip between strips. 6. In another instance, DBMD-Man found himself hanging from the Statue of Liberty. That does strongly suggest he lives in New York City, but again, this could have happened on an out-of-town trip.



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The poll is supposed to appear above, but if you don’t see it then USE THIS LINK.

I mixed up the order.

Sorry, somehow I managed to skip 2 whole strips! So sorry if you saw the one that was up today, but to get things back in order I took it down and replaced it with the one that was supposed to go up. So Monday will be another new strip, then the one you might have seen on Tuesday, and we’ll be back on track on Wednesday. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, ignore all this, everything will be just fine…

A special message from DBMD-Man himself

BEHOLD, it is me, Dark, Brooding, Mentally Disturbed-Man! Having stepped forth from the digital page to give you a piece of my mind! I know I have not spoken directly to my fans before but it is time to smash the silence. I have important alerts for you!




I am now on Twitter! This real-time inter-face will allow me to more effectively punch-face – of EVIL – virtually! You can be tweeted about new comic strips and website updates and occasional important crime-fighting tips DIRECT FROM ME. Go here and FOLLOW me: http://www.twitter.com/dbmdman




I am now on Facebook! You can like me there and comment on my exploits, just as you already do at the website, but now your friends and family will know that you are aiding and abetting GOODNESS and JUSTICE. Join the GOOD FIGHT and go here and LIKE me: http://www.facebook.com/dbmd.man




In my opinion these comic strips chronicling my exploits do not always give you an accurate picture of my skill and bravery. Though they do portray the “facts” and “actual events” they do not always convey what an amazing and awesome responsibility I have taken on. Just keep that in mind and please be assured that you could not have handled these situations any better. CRIME-FIGHTING is DIRTY WORK. Sometimes people get hurt. Sometimes I get hurt. But THAT’S WHAT I DO.


Signing off,


DBMD-Man to continue!!!

Yes, IT’S TRUE! It’s coming back after a very long hiatus. Dark, Brooding, Mentally Disturbed -Man will resume cyber-publishing THIS FRIDAY, Sept.2nd. The next strip will appear after the holiday, on Wed, Sept.7th and at that point will return to a Mon-Wed-Fri schedule.

Why the long absence, and why the return? As previously mentioned, this was a print comic which appeared in The Daily Orange, Syracuse University’s student newspaper. In a tragic turn of events, a large amount of the original art is lost forever. However, I was recently able to copy the remaining comics from their printed versions. That means the art from this point on will be distinctly smudgier and blobbier. But at least it will exist, right?

A few people have commented and sent messages asking what was up or hoping for this comic’s return. I sincerely appreciate this, and I’m glad that some people have found this and have enjoyed reading it. Really, THANKS! I truly believe that this comic hit its stride in the material that you have yet to see, so I hope you return (or stick around) to check it out!

what’s going on

So the updates stopped… sorry. Here’s what’s up: Basically, a whole bunch of strips which I thought I had have gone missing. So, I’m just thinking about what to do with this site now. Re-draw the missing storylines? Leave things at this point? (at least a story arc came to a conclusion here) Just jump ahead and draw some brand new strips for you all? Start an entire new comic series with a fresh idea?